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The Lazarus Building Renovation in downtown Columbus is a green building.  Follow this link to a USEPA case study and see how the recycling of construction material helped make the building what it is today.

"Read about our changes in the dispatch Dispatches Columbus Market Place Pages"
S.G. Loewendick & Sons changes landfill name to reflect company's recycling efforts...

In May of 2008 we had a group of 2nd and 3rd grade students from the Highland Park Elementary School.  They asked questions about our facility and the recycling and disposal operations at our site. The questions included what happens to materials that are recycled, what do they become and how long does the recycling take. They also brought us a copy of the questions they had, we greatly enjoyed the time they spent with us.  We thank the classes for coming and welcome other field trips to be scheduled, please contact us.

Frank Road C&D recycled enough material to save the energy to power over 500 houses in 2007.  We also recycled the metal equivalent of over 1000 cars. We also recycled enough wood and paper to save over 1000 trees.  Recycling has many benefits from energy consumption, water use reduction, and material conservation. Through the Frank Road C&D recycling we have benefited the community in many ways during 2007 and look forward to doing even more in 2008.


Through the efforts of Columbus Mayor Colemanís administration and the Get Green Columbus initiative, Frank Road C&D has had the ability to work to help Columbus.  This yearís efforts resulted in many things from Biking efforts for Columbus to Green Business competitions.  In one of these initiatives the City of Columbus has made forward thinking moves to recycle Demolition Debris from the Columbus area demolition sites.  We at Frank Road C&D are happy to have been involved and look forward to working on other City of Columbus Initiatives.





Rescue Training

In early October, the Jackson Township Fire Department used the Frank Road C&D site as a training ground for the protective services they provide to our community.  The fire departments have the responsibility to respond to a variety of events.  In an effort to keep efficient on their use of the equipment for confined space and disaster work they practiced using the equipment to cut into concrete pipes and concrete slabs. 


Today News

Mayor Coleman and Commissioner Kilroy accept $5,000.00 check from the proceeds of the sale of Frank Road C&D's donated OSU v.s. Texas Football Tickets to benefit the "Columbus Unites Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund" in support of the American Red Cross.

The $5,000.00 check was accepted during the September 8, 2005 Community Fund Raiser organized thru the leadership of the Mayors Office, The City Council and the County Commissioners.


Former Columbus Lazarus Building is being renovated to a future EPA building and will be the first LEED certified project in Columbus.



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